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Andrew Kahn, PsyD

Associate Director, Expertise and Strategic Design, Understood


  • Licensed psychologist in Maine, New Hampshire, and North Carolina; PSYPACT certified

  • Appointee to the Maine Advisory Committee for School Psychology

  • Work featured in Forbes, NPR, Business Insider, and Emotional Intelligence

Andrew Kahn, Understood’s associate director of behavior change and expertise, is a licensed psychologist. He focuses on ADHD, learning differences, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, behavior, executive function, and emotional regulation.

Kahn has provided training, evaluations, and therapeutic support in the public schools and worked with communities struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and limited educational support. He’s supported school committees in developing policies on mental health, suicide prevention, and more. He’s been a clinician, clinical director of a community mental health agency, and presenter for Summit Professional Education. He’s also been an adjunct professor at the University of Maine.

He identifies as a person with learning and thinking differences. He earned his BA in psychology from Syracuse University and his MS and PsyD from Nova Southeastern University.


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